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Mountain Biking T-Shirts: Say What Extreme Mountain Biking Really Means

25 October on T-Shirts   Tags:

You're flying down the side of a colossal peak at forty miles an hour. Your heart is racing, your palms are sweating and you are absolutely elated. As rocks explode from beneath your tires, you squeeze the breaks and come screaming to a halt right at the edge of the cliff. Out of breath, you look around and admire the spectacular view and enjoy the moment with a friend.

Freeman Mountain Biking T-Shirt

The problem is, at 10,000 feet up, no one is around to witness this awesome and amazing event. By the time you get back down the mountain, all you have are memories and stories. You can't really go around bragging about your extreme sport and the people that saw it have the same problem you do.

So what do you do now? Get yourself some Mountain Biking T-Shirts, my friend. You can express your love for mountain biking and show off just a little bit, too. The beauty of it is that you won't even need to say a word. Just throw one on and let a simple article of clothing and your battle scars do the talking for you.

Most people don't understand how fearless a mountain biker is. How dedicated and how strong you have to be to get up there, throw caution to the wind and pedal down at highway speeds on two wheels. Wearing a Mountain Biking T-Shirt will get that conversation started. Maybe you'll even convince someone new to come along on the next trip up the mountain.


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