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My Awesome Sweatshirt

28 February on Sweatshirts  

When I was 11yrs old, after weeks of begging and pleading, my parents finally gave
I brought home my beautiful blue eyed, black and white, Siberian husky puppy. She
was so sweet and had these enormous white paws and a black mask surrounding
those crystal blue eyes. I adored everything about her.

She grew so fast and she loved to talk. I remember being in such awe of how she
would plant her two front paws forward, cock back her head and howl to the sky.
She loved the cold, hated the rain and absolutely detested getting her paws wet, but
she really came alive in the snow. Where I lived we didn’t get much, but when we
did…she would run and jump and hop around the yard for what seemed to be hours.

About a year later, I was on a vacation with my family in a little mountain tourist
town. We were walking down the street, on the way to get some lunch, when I
found myself drawn into this cute little shop that sold touristy t-shirts and the most
awesome sweatshirts I had ever seen. I noticed this man airbrushing a sweatshirt of
a dog, from a picture he had in front of him. It looked just like my dog, so of course
I had to have it. He even wrote her name on the front. It was the most awesome

I wore that sweatshirt for years. Even after I outgrew it, it remained in my closet as
a reminder of my beautiful dog. I was fortunate that we had many wonderful years
together. Now as I think back to that sweatshirt, in all of it’s airbrushed glory, it
brings a smile to face.

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