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My Hamster Hoodie Paradise, Seriously All the Hoodies for Women

14 April on Hoodies   Tags: , ,

Hamster Hoodie

If you’re anything like me, you’ve realized that all the best shopping is online. At your local mall, there will be the same ten or twenty stores that are at every other mall in the country. Of those ten or twenty stores, they are probably all carrying a slightly different version of that same t-shirt, or hoodie, or jeans, or whatever. If you want to advertise your love for Abercrombie or Gap, then I guess you’ve found your niche. But for the rest of us who would prefer to advertise our love for something a little more awesome (e.g. parkour, geocaching, dinosaurs, or just about anything else) we’ve learned to turn to the internet.

My thing, among a few others, is hamsters. I have always had pet hamsters and I always will. They are my jam, my friends, my bad little buddies. I know, maybe I’m a little weird, whatever. So obviously, hamsters are my awesome thing that I want to show off on my hoodie. Unfortunately, hamsters are not everyone’s thing so my hamster hoodie options were pretty limited. That is until I found idakoos. They have literally pages of hamster hoodies. Silly, serious, loving, angry, cute, if you can think of it, it’s probably there. They even have them in women’s sizes. Hoodies for women can be almost as limited at hamster hoodies. To find both in one place is pretty awesome.

But I do get that hamsters are not everyone’s thing. My sister is a paramedic. They’ve got hoodies for her. My best friend is moving to San Diego. They’ve got hoodies for her. So whether your thing is hamsters or pitbulls, base jumping or bird watching, no matter what you’re looking for, I’ll bet idakoos has some for you.

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