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Netball – More popular than you think

12 June on Gifts   Tags: , ,

Netball is an exciting, fast-paced sport with a long tradition. Originally developed as a lower-impact, more decorous variation of basketball suitable for female players, netball has gained a worldwide following. Although the International Federation of Netball Associations officially recognizes only female teams, both men's and women's teams exist.

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Since the rules of netball were developed to conform to 19th century notions of socially appropriate activities for women, there is less emphasis on raw physical power and more on skill, strategy and athleticism. Easy to learn rules, less risk of injury, and the simple pleasure of being part of something that not everyone knows about all make netball a fun activity for both men and women.

Netball can be an avenue for social progress as well. In parts of the world where women's social activities are still restricted by law or custom, netball is growing in popularity as an acceptable alternative to more strenuous sports, which may be seen as inappropriate for women. This makes netball an excellent tool for promoting physical fitness, social networking and empowerment for girls and women who might otherwise be denied access to the traditionally male-dominated world of sports. From rural villages in Burundi to the teeming urban environment of Mumbai, netball is opening new outlets and transforming the lives of young women.

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