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Never be mistaken for boring with Hapkido Tees

21 April on T-Shirts   Tags: , ,

Hapkido t-shirt

I am proud of what I do in hapkido. It isn't like karate or any other form of martial art, it requires not just discipline and strength, but creativity and problem solving. I am a bit obsessed with it and love every opportunity I get to talk about it. Wearing one of my hapkido t shirts usually starts a conversation that ends in a demonstration and that is when life feels right.

More than a hobby, it's a lifestyle

People sometimes ask me about the hapkido tees that I can't seriously break life down into 3 things like - eat, sleep, hapkido; but I can. When I start to talk about the practice, they can see the fire start in me that rises up and makes me look taller, my eyes brighter and I just feel bigger. Any hapkido practitioner knows what I am talking about. You start with taking classes in it, and then it becomes your life. It shapes how you think, how you feel and how you move through life in all areas. People who don't know hapkido, don't get it at first until they see you handling things that would stress them out.

Show your pride

I show my pride in what I know how to do in how I act and how I dress. I like my t shirts because they open the door to conversation and education. I don't wear them to tell everyone I am tough, I wear them to show my pride and love in my art.

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