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Oh the Madness

19 March on T-Shirts  

I absolutely love March. The fact that spring is coming is great, St. Patrick’s Day was fun, but what really gets me excited is college basketball. The Conferences across the country have all come to a close and teams fight it out for an automatic bid to the NCAA Division 1 Men’s & Women’s Basketball Tournament. The top teams during the season are more concerned with their placement in the tournament, than if they’ll get a spot. So for them their seeding is the most important thing on their minds. Which brings me to back to the Regional Conference Championships. If they win theirs, then it certainly won’t hurt their seeding in the big dance.

Once the seeding has been determined, thousands of people across the country fill out their brackets, to attempt to correctly select all of the matchups between teams. Some people study the 64+ teams and their percentages and try to make a logical pick between the two, while others just randomly guess at whom they think might emerge as the winner. Most of us do both. Rest assured there will be upsets, Cinderella’s will emerge, and dreams will be crushed for most players and fans.

Whether you gamble on your bracket with money or you just play to have fun and possible bragging rights, almost everyone who is into College Basketball is obsessed with their brackets. Which is, of course, what makes it so incredibly fun.

March Madness is now in full swing. 68 teams will have played and by the end of Sunday evening only 16 teams will emerge to play on. Most brackets will be busted and tossed, but for the lucky few out there who picked or guessed correctly, they are still in it to win it. For the rest of us, we’ll all get a second chance pick bracket and hope we do better this time. With only 16 teams left, we have better odds to pick the winners, right? With the Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4, and the Final match up between the remaining two teams, what could possibly go wrong?

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