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Our clothing and our personality

23 July on T-Shirts   Tags: , ,

Clothing says a lot about our likes and our personality. A person can choose clothing to identify with the people closest to them (friends, family, co-workers) or on the other hand can choose a look completely opposite of others with the idea of distinguishing themselves from others.

There are many people that always use the same style of clothing, because they prefer to worry about other, more important issues rather than wasting valuable minutes in front of the open dresser and decide which shirt combines with which pair of pants, or the color of the current season. A clear example of this type of person can be found in the movie The Fly, directed by the great David Cronenberg. In this movie we can observe the protagonist, the scientist Seth Brundle, opening his closet and showing dozens of shirts, pants and suit jackets, all being the same. Seth used the same type of clothing every day, as he considered the time spent wondering what to wear a waste.

On the other hand exist other people that consider their clothing a part of vital importance. There exist many programs about fashion, where we receive tips and tricks on how to dress according to the current trends. Television offers us an infinity of programs that dedicate themselves to analyze the clothing of the famous to find a defect.

It seems to me that there are more people that worry about how to dress than there are people that don’t really care about it (such as Seth Brundle from the movie). That means that people like to express their feelings or their way of being in their clothing. For all those people having their own Printed T-shirts has become increasingly simple with the arrival of the internet and the technology that now facilitates printing our own designs and phrases on whichever item we want.

There are also people that pick their clothing with the quality in mind. The longer the shirt will last, the better. Those people will also often buy shoes that are useful for a variety of situations. Again other people pick clothing according to how comfortable it is. They don’t care what other people say and they are often times people that are sure about themselves.

Aside from expressing our feelings and our personality, a shirt can be useful to show the world which sports team we admire. For example, if people see us in the street, proudly showing off a Lakers shirt, people can assume that we are fans of this team. However, we will probably not become best friends with a Bulls fan.

A t-shirt can also be useful to show we care about a loved one, for example if we want to show our support for a friends team, we can use Team Adalia Shirts, and this way she and everyone will know that we are great admirers of her and her team.

Color is another thing to think about when picking a shirt. It is said that red provokes feelings of passion or ire. Yellow is related to power and ego. People that like the color green supposedly have great passion for life, those that like purple are creative and the color white is often a color for spiritual people.

A beautiful aspect about using customized shirts is that we can commit ourselves to noble causes. Using a shirt this way we can promote benefit events, denounce something we find unjust or help someone. In the world exist a lot of cases of people with a health problem and they fight day to day to lead a normal live like anyone else. We could use a tee with a design that is related to a cause if we decide that the story of those people should be known to others.

If we want to show our love for pets we could use shirts with messages like “I love cats”, “My best friend is a cat”, “I love my Afro Chausie Cat”, “Cat Lover”, or “My Irish Terrier does Tricks”. Idakoos offers t-shirts with messages like these and many more, so you can pick whichever one you like.

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