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People Do Still Like Boxing and Custom Hoodies, We Swear!

19 November on Hoodies, Sports   Tags: ,

Boxing; ah, the true mans sport. Forget about Rugby and football; there is something truly visceral about watching two men beat the snot out of one another in the confines of a ring. There is a great deal of strategy to the game too; it isn't a stupid man's sport by any means. Boxing takes agility, brute force, and the ability to stay cool under serious pressure (and blows to the head). That is the kind of sport we can really get behind, but something happened about a decade ago; a more brutal, difficult and showy sport started to fill television airtime and with that the collective conscious of an entire nation fell away from boxing. We think that is terrible!

Let's be honest, the boxing world took a real sucker punch when MMA stormed onto the scene. Subsequent clothing brands jumped all over the new, brutal and bloody sport and a star was born. Boxing seemed to slink off into the ether never to be heard from again; except, boxing is alive and well in the world and people still love it. They may not talk about it as much, but they still love it. If you dig boxing just as much as you did before Brock Lesner stormed onto the scene it might be time to show your love with a boxing hoodie.

We love boxing, too and we've created some custom clothing to reflect that vibe. After all, it is a great sport that is steeped in history; we love history. These Custom Hoodies will show your pride in a sport that made the world swoon for decades. Who knows, MMA might just be a passing fade anyway.

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