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Personalized Mugs for My Whole Family

09 December on Mugs   Tags: , ,

Psichology Mug

There are so many options for higher education out there these days. Some kids got overwhelmed in the fall of Senior Year when they knew colleges were setting deadlines for applications, but not me. When I was considering what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go with my scholarship money from High School I knew I had to pick an academic path that would provide me with a long term career, and I knew it better be a career I could grow in and have options for different work places. After countless late night conversations and research I finally confirmed my choice to go into psychology, it seemed to be destiny to help others and get a better understanding of my own humanity while doing it, not to mention I was wasn't going to be the starving artist my parents feared!

These days I am thrilled with my career in Psychology, I teach private school and I love it. My professional and personal relationships with other psychologists are deep and always full of wit and satisfaction. Not to mention you can't pull any psychology tricks over on a Psychologist!

For my family Holiday photo card this year, our matching Christmas t-shirts will be saying something psychology related on them as my daughters are considering this path in their academic futures as well and we want to share it with our loved ones. With the holidays in just a few short weeks and plenty of people still on the gift list, I know I will also be getting a new set of psychology mugs for us and maybe some classic personalized mugs for the extended family. You can't stop this personalize-everything trend, and I love representing my passions on as much of our stuff as I can.

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