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Personalized Sweatshirts – City on My Chest

07 June on Sweatshirts   Tags: , , , , ,

We were cruising the interstate heading east. I popped the sunroof then noticed the car up ahead, “I love my hair-less cat.” Next to that, “I love my wire-haired terrier.” Next to that, “My dog knows more than your honor student.” Okay, I’m not so big on bumper stickers, my wife says it’s because I don’t want to mess up my paint, but if I had one it would say, “Who cares People!” I peeled off to take our exit. It was back to Seattle to visit the folks.

Seattle sweatshirt

We did the same thing every time. My dad and I would trail behind the girls pretending to be interested in every soft, fuzzy, sweet-smelling or intricately-carved souvenir they shoved in our faces. I would look around wondering how so many 20x30 shops could sell all that stuff without duplication, and then we’d go back to their place for dinner.

On one such occasion, we were out the patio sipping frozen, lime coolers when I had a very unoriginal idea. My wife had looked at a sweatshirt in one of those stores, but bought a leather purse instead. Just for kicks, I grabbed my laptop and began surfing. I found a site having just what she wanted, “I love Seattle.” Yup, bright, all cotton, classic fit, soft, and all-that-stuff-she-loves in a Seattle sweatshirt.

Then another caught my eye, “Made in Seattle.” I’m no fonder of personalized sweatshirts than I am bumper stickers, but thought I’d humor the wife and click my size and choice of color. She caught me and had a good laugh and I got a great sweatshirt. Well, actually two, she clicked “Powered by Seattle.” She’s a keeper and so are the sweatshirts!

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