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Puppy Madness!

18 May on Sweatshirts  

When someone mentions the word Puppy, it usually conjures up images of sweet, adorable, playful, and happy baby dogs. And while these words and so many more adequately describe what a puppy is they can’t even begin to come close to all of the words that you’ll have once you actually get one of these cute adorable pups.

Along with the good, comes the not so good. Puppies have tons of energy and need loads of attention. If they are feeling neglected they may tear up their newly purchased dog beds, destroy the plants and cause tons of unnecessary havoc on your home and your mental state of mind. When they are teething they also love to bite the legs of your furniture as well as your own ankles and pretty much anything they can sink their teeth into. This might start even the most involved and wonderful puppy parents to reconsider why they decided to adopt a puppy in the first place.

All is not lost for your house, your sanity, or your puppy. What your cute adorable puppy needs is a dog trainer. They will help you and your puppy curb some of those bad habits and get you onto the road to becoming a happy family. Some people choose to take their puppies to training courses with other dogs, while others prefer to have one on one time with their trainer. Whichever way you choose to work with your puppy, as long as it is a positive one, will be a good experience for the both of you. It most likely won’t happen overnight, but as long as you stick with it, you’ll have a happy puppy who knows who is in charge, which is of course you. Puppies and dogs love to please and receive praise, so this will be a positive experience for them as well.

A friend of mine recently adopted a new puppy when it was a cute tiny little pup. After about a month it was growing like a weed and destroying everything in sight. It loved to bite on ankles, arms, furniture legs and so much more. She finally hired a dog trainer and she and the puppy are on the path to having an enjoyable life together. The puppy is less destructive as she trains him for a little bit every day, to reinforce what the dog trainer is teaching both of them. I’m sure this story will have a happy ending and she and the puppy can thank the dog trainer for that.

If you would like to thank the dog trainer in your life, why not show them a little appreciation by giving them a Dog Trainer Sweatshirt. You can always tell them it’s from the puppy. At we have many cool graphics to choose from for the dog trainer in your life and everyone else.

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