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Purchasing thoughtfulness on Mother’s Day

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Blame it on Anna Jarvis that we get a national holiday that plays cover to our year around affection of dear old mom. Anna Jarvis was the sweet child of Ann Reeves Jarvis. The day was conceived not to only honor her mom per se, but the sacrifice that all moms make on a daily basis for their families. This was in 1905. By 1908 with financial backing from department store proprietors in Philadelphia, Anna celebrated the first ever Mother’s Day at a small church in West Virginia. The financier in Philadelphia did not pony up the dough for philanthropic purposes only because on the same day they were the first stores to celebrate Mother’s Day. This means that they were the first to reap the benefits of family members eager to honor such a worthy day and with their pockets.

However, throughout history there have been celebrations of motherhood in many cultures. This includes Greeks and Romans. The closest equivalent is probably a day that was held during Lent in some European countries that celebrated it as a church homecoming. This day also morphed into a gift giving somewhat secular celebration of their mothers. Flowers were a popular gift then also. This holiday had waned in popularity, but was still around approximately 40 years after the official inception of our modern Mother’s Day celebration. Eventually, the holiday was usurped into the modern American Mother’s Day that has spread worldwide.

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This holiday did not simply progress into the iconic holiday that it is received as today. Anna had work to do. She had to persevere like all mothers do in order to see their creations to a beneficial fruition. Anna’s quest was to see that the holiday became nationally recognized. Anna never had children and remained unmarried throughout her life. Anna did have lots of courage and determination. She based her argument on a popular topic of the time. This movement was women’s rights. Anna argued that all the current holidays were heavily based on male achievements.

She used the movement’s national prominence and an organization that she established called the Mother’s Day International Association to institute a massive write-in campaign to newspapers and politicians across the country. Her movement was gaining steam in many towns and eventually states by 1912. Two years later, President Wilson officially designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. Before this, the special day had become an intimate affair that was practiced in homes and churches around the country. This modesty soon evaporated as multiple companies raced to monetize the day as soon as it was nationalized. Later in life, she became disillusioned with the commercialization of the holiday.

Fortunately for many industries around the world, American mothers do not seem to mind the commercialization one bit. Although the most modest of mothers exclaim otherwise. No wise person will decide to neglect their mother on this day. However, this commercialization does not affect the intimacy of the day at all. Mother’s Day phone traffic spikes by up to 40 percent on this day versus any other day of the year. This highlights how people perceive the substance of Mother’s Day. It has also become a day of memorialization for those that are missing their Mothers. It is a wonderful day each year that all mothers can receive adulation for being everything that they are when paying respect may become secondary to the daily grind. It has become a day in which families reaffirm their faith in the person responsible for their existence.

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Cash works, but it works even better when their children find creative ways of expressing their love, and then some cash. Cash in cards, cash in flowers and gift cards with lots of cash on them works also. When considering gifts for mom, there is a very wide selection. There are even specific gifts for specific occupations like civil engineer gifts or for particular interests like a football mom hoodie. Creative gifts are best. A person could customize shirts and hoodies with personalized messages about things like civil engineering. The possibilities are actually pretty vast. The same is true for themes and messages that can personalize hoodies for that special mom.

The beauty of this is that these gifts are economical while still possessing the personal connotation of Mother’s Day. Combinations can be arranged because the amount of items that can be personalized is so large. A thoughtful child can get a personalized hat, hoodie and coffee mug that are all coordinated and individual. Women also appreciate gifts that are like shower gifts for their children. This is especially true with new mothers, and mothers with newborns and toddlers. Gifts are available like personalized baby body suits. Additionally, there are totes and aprons that are also available that can accessorize many ensembles. Personalized gifts allow people to by a token of their thoughtfulness, and thoughtfulness is what mothers really need.

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