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Put some fun in your wardrobe with printed sweatshirts for men

20 October on Sweatshirts   Tags: , , , ,

When I started my job as a bartender, I soon realized a few things. One thing was that you never knew who would be coming through the door next. Another thing I learned was that people are stressed and need to have a place to unwind. The third thing I noticed, was that I saw some of the same people many times a week. After a loose comment from a patron about the status of my wardrobe, I decided that I needed to make a change. Being in the bartending business, it seemed only natural that I should get an assortment of different printed sweatshirts to silence my critics.

Bronx Sweatshirt

It is often cold where I live, so I needed some quality sweatshirts that would not only be stylish, but would also keep me warm. At I found an excellent assortment of sweatshirts for men from which to choose. These sweatshirts cover a large range of fun and novel sweatshirts. The selection is awesome, and I found a lot of shirts that I really liked. I settled on a couple of favorites, for now.

The sweatshirt that I chose from the Bronx collection has the saying "I don't know if it's the BRONX but you are sexy!!" I plan to wear this bronx sweatshirt on our promoted ladies night. The women will really love the attention that I am giving them even without saying a word out loud! I thought this was the ultimate, until I found this next shirt at

Next, I found a sweatshirt that will surely be the talk of the bar and the female wine-drinking crowd. The caption is "WINE. (n)-a hug in a glass!" I cannot wait for this shirt to pay off in warm hugs with the female tasters on Wednesday night!

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