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Rampart, We Are Bringing Personalized Sweatshirts!

01 September on Sweatshirts   Tags: , ,

Sometimes I wonder, did I ever leave the house when I was young. I wasn't always stuck in front of a television set, was I? Things happen everyday reminding me of something I once saw on tv and I am always quoting from fictional sitcom characters. I recollect being out and having fun with friends yet I quote shows I don't even remember watching. Thank goodness we only had a few channels back then because I shutter to think what my life would of been like if we had cable. Yikes!

Paramedic Sweatshirt

I was recently trying to find a gift for a hard to buy for friend. I came across this site with personalized sweatshirts and found a fun paramedic sweatshirt which will be perfect for him. I'm even thinking of customizing it with his nickname.

Of course, as I was looking at the paramedic sweatshirt I started thinking about the tv show Emergency, starring that cutie, Randolph Mantooth as one of the paramedics. I haven't thought of that show in decades. He was always saying something like "Rampart, blood pressure 140/90" on the radio to the hospital. No matter what he had to tell them it always started with rampart. I thought it was medical terminology. I just found out on the internet that Rampart was the name of the hospital. Ha!

Hey, I admitted my butt was glued in front of the tv, I never said I learned anything. Today's kids are glued to their phone texting. I doubt they are learning anything either. I was only allowed to use the telephone once a week for five minutes. Must of been on a commercial break.

I'm getting the personalized tote bag to put the sweatshirt in, maybe with a copy of the show if it's out on DVD.

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