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Show Your Love for Your Favorite Cosmetologist with a Canvas Tote Bag

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Cosmetologist tote bag

My cosmetologist's name is Katie. She drives a Mustang. Her husband's name is Kyle and she has 2 big dogs. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite food is Mexican. Do I stalk her in order to know all this information? Nope. I sit in her chair for several hours a month while she does her magic on my crazy hair, then I leave feeling like a goddess.

How is this all possible? I have no idea, but she is a hair magician. People often forget how helpful their cosmetologists are. Not only does she take the time to listen to what you want, a good cosmetologist inspects your hair for damage and considers your exact head of hair when choosing and executing a cut. She covers your grays (and keeps her lips sealed about them) and finds flattering colors and styles that don't leave you looking criminally insane. She may even shape your beastly brows.

You may consider this relationship an important one. Even if you haven't been seeing your cosmetologist for years, she (or he) has a huge impact on how you present yourself to the world. From time to time I like to show my appreciation for this human being with an extra gift. Ever notice your stylist walking into the salon with an armload of hair magazines, her lunch, a coffee, a purse, and make-up? With this in mind, we've created the perfect cosmetologist gifts! Show your appreciation with a specially designed canvas tote bag to carry it all! We've included extra long handles for comfortable carrying and a variety of colors and styles of cosmetologist flare. No tacky totes for your stylist! The icing on the cake? It's washable, for all those randomly leaky bottles of shampoo and serum! You're welcome.

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