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Show your love with a Valentine Day T-shirt

14 February on T-Shirts  

Valentine's DayRemember when you were in the 5th grade and you wrote that heart felt Valentine to your special little friend? Your palms were sweating and you could barely breath when they started to open it. Their eyes scanned the room until they landed on you. In that very moment you felt a connection.

Whether they liked you or not, is beside the point. Nothing says you care more than sharing your own words. What better way to show your Valentine that you care deeply for them, than with a personalized Valentine’s Day t-shirt?

Of course you could give them a box of chocolates or a dozen roses, but why not get them something a bit more original, like that Valentine from the 5th grade. Except now you can share your love for them, with the entire world.

Maybe you have a photograph of the first place you kissed or a picture of your first puppy together. Or perhaps the poem you wrote on the napkin, during your 3rd date. There’s no wrong way to share your love. Give them a personalized t-shirt this Valentine’s Day. We can help you make it, but getting them to actually wear it, well…that’s all on you.

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