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Smart and Trendy Men’s Hoodies

24 May on Hoodies   Tags: , , , , ,

Carpernter hoodie

I’m not so young anymore, so says the calendar, but inside something screams, “Don’t do it! Don’t get old!” I still jog, love hot fudge sundaes and digging my toes in the warm sand at my favorite beach. I know jogging and a calorie-packed, bowl of ice cream, with everything dumped on top, doesn’t seem to pair yet they’re the counter balance that keeps me on the level. While digging in my toes a few Junes ago I saw this ruggedly, handsome guy walking up the beach. He was silver and tan and I watched as he pushed up the sleeves of his navy-blue hoodie. Something about him said, “Hey, I’m like you, a younger, older person and I know what I want.”

As he approached, I saw the writing across his chest - Carpenter. That meant he was smart and trendy, someone who understood quality. I got up my courage and asked him to the food hut beside the water. He ordered ice cream! Perfect! A few months later that gorgeous, work of a man became my husband. Call me silly, sentimental, or hopelessly romantic but I get him the same thing for his birthday every year; a new Carpenter hoodie, in a new color, but with the same great features like 100 percent cotton, classic fit. In addition to that, I love the durability, softness, warmth, and top-notch construction, of their mens hoodies. But I’ll admit, my favorite detail is the roomy front pocket that allows me to shove my hand in his as we walk that same beach every chance we get. Need a birthday idea? Keep him young! Get him a hoodie!

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