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24 February on Sweatshirts  

Everyone dreams of taking a well earned and deserved vacation. For most of us getting away from the daily grind of the office or the stress from exams and research papers in the classroom is a welcome reprieve. Just the thought of taking a trip can be enough to get us through the winter blues.

No two vacations are the same. For some of us, spending a week with a group of friends on a tropical island surrounded by beautiful people is heaven, while others dream of boarding down fresh powder on picturesque mountaintops.

What’s your idea of vacation nirvana? Does the thought of backpacking alone across Europe or South America, and allowing yourself to get lost in the process, sound appealing? Or maybe you’re super excited about going all out and creating custom sweatshirts for a family reunion, with all of your favorite relatives, for a trip down memory lane? Or perhaps you want to take a staycation at home and play catch up with yourself.

No matter where your vacation dreams take you, spring is right around the corner. Enjoy the break and have a great time! Let the planning begin!

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