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Sweatshirts for Men who love music

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Cello hooded sweatshirt

One of the best teachers I had in school was my music teacher. This man loved music. He was classically trained, well educated, and played the cello. He was an outstanding teacher and played the cello with equal enthusiasm. He was an inspiration to everyone, all the up and coming artists and rock stars. The man had the patience of solid steel, nothing could shake him, even awful guitar solo's in the likes of a deaf Eddie Van halen. He loved to teach and it was encouraging to all of his students. Many of us were going on to music studies, so we could teach music.

It was the end of the year and we wanted to get a gift for him. A lot of suggestions were made, new set of batons, bushel of apples, you now the usual goofy thoughtless stuff. The kinda stuff he already had, except for the bushel of apples. Then one of the girls came up with an idea, we should get him something we know he will use, like a shirt,not just any shirt, a shirt with a picture of a cello on it. OK.. We all said in condemnation. Then somebody said I know, a sweatshirt for men that has a picture of a cello on it. Now we had something. However finding a cello printed on a sweatshirt was a tough find years ago. In the end, we had to have one made. Needless to say the man cherished it.

He wore that sweatshirt until it fell apart. I know this because my little brother went to the same school, and talked about a nasty, ragged sweatshirt the music teacher wore. So If you have some music loving men in your life, get some sweatshirts for men with their favorite instruments on it, it will be cherished. I would recommend cello sweatshirts, because that's what worked for us, however not everyone loved the cello as much as our teacher did. The nice thing about today's world is, you can get any instrument you want printed on a shirt.

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