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Swimming Growing By The Day

02 September on Sweatshirts   Tags: ,

With the Olympics over, many people are clamoring about swimming. It was one of the spotlight sports because of the dominance of Michael Phelps. It was so popular, in fact, that many people are now taking up swimming classes and swimming competitions. Some people are even comparing it to soccer. Just as soccer is fast past and requires a great deal of skill to excel at, so does swimming. It requires finesse inside the water just like soccer does outside it. So is swimming the new soccer? Yes, in some regards it is because it is becoming more popular by the day.

Swimming sweatshirt

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Swimming was on full display during the Olympics. It is a staple for the Olympics, and will be for some time now. So many high-caliber athletes compete in swimming and they train their whole lives to compete at such a high level. This is analogous to soccer because they also spend their whole lives training and competing. Some people will go on to say that swimming could be just as popular as soccer. It is growing in fans with each day, and truly is a sport that should be watched and participated in.

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