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Thanksgiving: History, Celebration and Gift Ideas

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To many people today, Thanksgiving is a time to reinvigorate family relationships and friendships. It is a time for genuine family love and togetherness. Families, along with close, intimate friends meet together to enjoy sumptuous meal, usually a large turkey with stuffing, or if one prefers, a baked ham, along with cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes various cakes and pies, plenty of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, not to mention Thanksgiving parades, and for the men-and women-perhaps, football games basketball games and the like in addition to reflecting on the many years of family happiness and friendships.


The aforementioned holiday is a holiday mainly celebrated in the United States and Canada; so it is mainly a national holiday, unlike Christmas, which is generally an international one. In Canada, it is celebrated on the second Monday in October, whereas in the United States it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

Although the concept of the above holiday is rooted in English traditions that dates back as far as the Reformation in the 16th Century-at least the American version of it does; the Canadian version of it dates back as far as 1578. The traditional, or modern-day observance, as it is known today, goes back to the year 1620 (some sources say 1621), with the Pilgrims and Puritans, who primarily were fleeing from religious persecution in England. Historic tradition has it that the above groups met up with Native American Indians in what appeared to be a spirit of genuine friendship and brotherhood. They prepared a sumptuous meal together, played games and observed what would become the first documented traditional celebration of the above traditional holiday.

Later, when the United States was established as a nation, its first president, George Washington, proclaimed the first national observance of the above observance on November 26, 1789. in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November of the above holiday and finally in 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, signed a joint resolution of Congress, that finally declared the fourth Thursday in November as officially the time of the above observance, this is the aforementioned holiday that most Americans celebrate till this day.

The aforementioned holiday, as indicated at the onset, is a time for families to get together and reflect on the closeness and the meaning of genuine family love, which should, of course, be observed any other day of the year, it is just that most Americans tend to observe such an occasion on the above holiday, which, as previously indicated, is the designated day that most Americans choose to observe.

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Celebration and Gift Ideas

For many who choose to observe such an occasion, the aforementioned holiday can indeed be a joyous one. For some, this can also include gifts. What are some Thanksgiving gifts that most observers generally give and receive? In most cases, it often a food-related gift, usually a box of chocolates and other candies, candied fruit, nuts, others may choose to buy beverages such as wines that goes well with poultry, such as white wines for instance, with ham or other meats, usually red wines are chosen, and for those who choose to drink non-alcoholic beverages, there are beverages such as sparkling grape juice or apple juice, which has the effervescence or taste of drinking an alcoholic beverage, like champagne, for instance. Hopefully, if persons doesn't drink or eat too much, they won't need to receive respiratory therapist gifts, which of course, they do not want.

So the previously-mentioned holiday, when celebrated or observed in its true spirit, can be a joyous occasion, inviting friends and family over for a meal, enjoying the spirit of sweet, genuine fellowship. Of course, in order to truly benefit from the true spirit of such a holiday, one must be do so in true moderation and dignity.

There are some who may even consider wearing thanksgiving t-shirts. Thanksgiving, for those who choose to observe it, can indeed be a joyous and memorable occasion; they can enjoy the close, warm friendships of longtime associates as well as enjoy the even closer bonds of family. This holiday seems to bring people together in ways that they would not ordinarily do so, and depending on how it is celebrated, can indeed bring joy and true dignity to the occasion. Are you planning to have a lot of family members and friends over? Well, prepare, and prepare well, for they will expect a sumptuous time, which is what the above occasion is all about, in addition to warm, genuine friendships and genuine family love.

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