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The Demolition Derby Special Design Your Own T-Shirt Blowout!

29 April on T-Shirts   Tags: , ,

I work hard, and I play hard; so does my everyone in my office. So when we made our quarterly quota, we decided to have an “we-made-quota” blowout. Reward ourselves for a job well done. It needed to be special. After consulting and counting votes, we came to the conclusion that the best way to say, “We got ’er done!” was an official office t-shirt to wear to the big celebratory event -- the demolition derby! Yeah, after selling, supporting, and crunching numbers, we thought it’d be fun to see the big, bad trucks crush each other! Symbolic, you might say. Poetic. “Post-modern ironic,” said Lee. (Lee’s in sales.) Afterwards, the gang was going out for pizza and brews, and we need to look good.

Demolition Derby T-Shirt

We wanted to look as sharp as we deserved to look; present a united front. Paulo (manager) suggested a sartorial solution; he laid out his plan -- we were going to Design your own t-shirt.

We found the perfect shade of green. (Which we knew for a fact made each and every one of us looked fabulous.) There was a size for everyone, from Emily who wears a small, to Pete who takes an XXXXL, so everyone was stylin’ and looking fine. We were going to have our eighteen members present a tight unit of fun. That green had the added advantage that it was an eye-catching color, a money color,

Then we made it our own. Really…. We put the name of our company on the back, with the social event -- the demolition derby! Yes! -- on the front, and had our own big, bad, bodacious demolition derby shirts -- special and hot -- just like us.

Oh, hey, and did I mention we made…no, we exceeded -- our quarterly quota? Just checking.

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