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The Five-Second Custom Hoodie People Screening Test

17 February on Hoodies   Tags: , ,

Morning dawns, clear and bright, and it looks to be a good day. The sun is shining and the sky is empty, save for some high wispy, wintery clouds. You speed through your morning routine; ready to be out the door, but not so fast that you don't slip on one of your custom hoodies. Pretty day or not, it's looking pretty darn cold out there.

Linux Hoodie

Out on the streets, the world is already abuzz, the crowds surging towards work, towards play, and possibly just towards coffee. That's your plan, at least, as you bob and weave through the crowds like slalom pro. You clock a record time, the warm blast of heat from the coffee shop as rewarding as a first place finish, and step into line.

All around you people are in crowd survival mode, seeing but not seeing each other as they wait. A few glances linger on your hoodie, but they slide away again in a blink. It's the penguin. People just love penguins. Is it the funny waddling walks? Is it that penguins rock formal wear wherever they go? Who knows? People just like penguins.

You've just picked up your coffee, hands tightly wrapped around the warmth of the cup, when it happens.

It's a look a few seconds too long to be a glance paired with a brief, knowing smirk. Eyes meet. You know. They know that you know. They've recognized your Linux hoodie and there is a brief nod of approval as you head out the door.

So do they use Linux? What kernel series are they running?

You'll never know. It was moment, nothing more. You smile and realize your good day is headed towards great. You have coffee and the comfort of knowing there is one more free thinker in the world.

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