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The History of Valentine’s Day and Buying the Perfect Gift

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I Love My Girlfriend T-shirt

So what happens when a queen, feast and saint walk into a bar? Well, that’s probably a joke for another time. However, it is an interesting way to explain the history of Valentine’s Day. Everyone know the meaning behind Valentine’s Day now. It’s a time for lovers to exchange gifts and show how much they care for each other.

Historians trace the beginning of Valentine’s Day to the ancient Roman Empire. During that time, people observed the February 14th holiday to Juno. Juno was the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. Juno was regarded as the Goddess of both women and marriage.

February 15 Celebrated the Feast of Love

February 15th was the Feast of Lupercalia, known as the fertility festival. On that day, the Gods Faunus and Lupercus were celebrated. The custom behind the feast was to bring together young girls and boys. Back then, they were strictly separated. The day before the festival, boys and girls were paired together. Sometimes the pairing lasted for a year. Often the paired couples would fall in love and get married.

A Saint Goes Rogue

The daring efforts of St. Valentine is how February 14 got its name and meaning. This is how the story goes. During Emperor Claudius II’s reign in Rome, there were several unpopular and bloody campaigns. He found it really hard to get men to sign up to fight. He thought it was because men didn’t want to leave their wives and families. So he cancelled all engagements and marriages in Rome.

Priest Saint Valentine, a romantic at heart, defied the order. Along with another priest, Saint Marius, he secretly married couples. Rumor has it that once the secret was discovered he was brutally beaten and killed. The day it happened? February 14, 270 AD. After his death, Valentine was named a saint. Of course, many rumors swirl around the cause of his death. One rumor is he was killed because he attempted to help Christians escape a Roman prison. Another rumor was he fell in love with a jailer’s daughter who visited him while he was in prison. Prior to his death, he wrote her a farewell letter signed, “From your Valentine.”

A Romantic Day Changed for the Ages

During the Middle Ages, Saint Valentine became this huge heroic and romantic figure in France and England. After Christianity spread into Rome, priest decided to move Lupercalia to February 14th. It was approximately 498 AD when Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St. Valentine’s Day to honor him and end Lupercalia.
Around the same time, people in England and France began to believe birds chose to find their mate on February 14. Many people took their cue from the flying love birds and began exchanging gifts and love notes in search of their future mate.

The popularity of Valentine’s Day grew as people began exchanging handmade love notes with their significant other. By the 19th century, the greeting card industry made it popular to send mass-produced greeting cards instead the homemade version. The trend of the Valentine’s Day grew to include non-romantic love too. This meant people were sending gifts and greeting cards to friends, family their teachers, parents and siblings.

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Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines gifts have become increasingly hard to find. There’s plenty out there, but they aren’t unique enough to show a significant other how much you care. Besides, why can’t veterinarian gifts like a mug or hoodie double as valentines gifts?

Balloons are nice. Greeting cards are OK. Thinking outside the box for a Valentine’s day gift meanings going the extra mile to make a great impression. What about something personalized? What about something so unique that it fits an individual’s personality? How about something they can wear? There are plenty of ways to make valentines shirts express your love and devotion to your sweetheart.

What makes buying unique gifts for Valentine’s day so great is Idakoos has a way to personalize them. Your loved one isn’t into the holiday for lovers? A personalized mug or hoodie would be a perfect gift. The individual would probably love a gift with the saying “To hell with Valentines Day.”

You don’t want to give a personalized t-shirt, hoodie or mug, you can personalize other gifts for this sweetheart’s day too like a:

• Canvas tote bag
• Apron
• Baby bodysuit

Giving Valentine’s Day gifts are just as great as receiving them. Remember, the day for lovers actually began on day 15 of the February, not the day we celebrate. So if you get a Valentine’s Day gift late, remember your history and don’t be too mad. Of course, it’s best just to order your personalized gift as fast as you can before the holiday. It’ll be a gift they’ll never forget.

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