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The Perfect Escape

06 June on Hoodies  

Imagine yourself in darkness, surrounded by strangers and a kaleidoscope of aromas permeating the air. Everyone is dead silent. There is a palpable energy in the room and it’s growing stronger as the seconds build. Where are we?

If you imagined a movie theater, you would be correct. There are these few moments after the trailers have ended and the exit rows have been identified, where there is silence in the dark. In those few brief moments, it’s as if the patrons in the theater are all connected, waiting for the same thing, wondering what is about to appear and whether or not they should’ve brought a sweatshirt.

Of course, most of us know a little bit about the film that we’re waiting to see, but there’s still this feeling of wonder and curiosity before the opening credits.
Is the movie going to be what we expected? Will it be better or worse than the critics reported? Will we be wishing we had worn our favorite anime hoodie
, instead of turning into a popsicle or be focused more on the popcorn or hotdog, than the screen in front of us? Perhaps we’ll be so enraptured that we don’t even remember eating at all. Movies have a way of transporting us into another world. Some that we completely identify with and other’s that are pure magical fantasy.

There are usually a large enough variety of films at the multiplexes, to satiate just about everyone’s mood, at any given time. Maybe you’re looking for an action/adventure flick to gear you up or a romantic comedy to make you laugh and cry, or perhaps you go for the gore and violence in horror films, or the colorful art and adventure of an animation.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you can relish in those sweet moments of silent darkness, and hope for greatness.

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