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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

11 February on T-Shirts  

Shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift shouldn’t be a painful experience, yet it seems to be that way for so many people. February 14th is a day to say “I love you”, “ You are wonderful”, “You complete my life”, the list is endless. For some of us, actually saying the words can be a challenge. We need to “show” them how we feel.

We all know the story. Guy meets girl, guy likes girl, guy asks girl out…except in this story, guy is intimidated because girl is from Paris. Of course, everyone knows that love is the international language, but sometimes we need a little help verbalizing it. Unfortunately for this guy, he was too shy to speak those beautiful French words.

At Idakoos, we don’t want this to happen to you. Let us help you say what you’re too afraid to speak with your own two lips. Of course not everyone has this problem, but for those who do…why not put your own words in print.

We have a variety of Valentine’s Day gifts to help you express yourself. Whether you want to say “I LOVE YOU” on a t-shirt or “Je t’aime” on a tank top or “Te amo” on an apron. We’ve got you covered. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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