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The Process Of T-Shirt Printing

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What is one of the most comfortable garments people wear today? T-shirts are comfortable and very popular. There probably aren't very many Americans that don't own a t-shirt. T-shirts are comfortable and come with just about anything you could possibly think of printed on them.

So how exactly do the images appear on a t-shirt? T shirt printing can be done different ways. The most common are screen printing or digital printing. T shirt screen printing has been popular for quite awhile. The term “screen” is used by printers which is more or less a stencil. It is also called silk screening. It gets the name from the woven silk mesh that is used.

T-shirt Screen Printing

It all begins with a design. These designs may already be made or they can be custom made on a computer. After the design is decided on, the screen is made from the design. If there is more than one color, there will be a screen made for each color. The ink is then applied to the screen onto the t-shirt. If more than one color is desired, it will be applied in layers to achieve the final look. When looking for a very vibrant look, screen printing would be the preferred method because the ink is applied thicker than digital printing and gives it a brighter look even on darker colored shirts.

Digital Printing

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Digital Printing also begins with a design on the computer. But the difference is, there is no screen involved. The artwork is done on the  computer but then is printed directly on to the t-shirt. It is not transferred by heat. It directly adheres to the fabric of the t-shirt. Digital printing  is used for more complicated designs and designs that have many colors. It also allows for photographic designs. The ink is applied thinner  than screen printing and is best used on lighter colored shirts. It also gives the option of a single shirt order, because there isn't any set up or  screens that have to be made.

So what types of things can be done on t-shirts? Just about anything! There are all kinds of reasons to have some t-shirts printed. People in  business use them all the time. They are great for advertising. One great way to advertise your business is to sponsor a softball or baseball  team. Uniforms are made every year by printing business logos on the front and the player's number on the back.

Family reunions are also popular in the summer. Everyone likes to get together in the summer for their reunions and they love to have t-shirts made for all the members. Digital printing is popular for reunions because photos can be used.

Charity events often use t-shirt printing. They are often used in run/walk events. All the participants get a shirt for the event. Birthdays are also popular especially when it involves someone that is older. People like to put Grandma or Grandpa's picture on the shirt and give the shirts to members of the family.

Jack t-shirtClubs also like to make shirts for the club. There are millions of clubs out there. There are geek t shirts, band shirts, science club shirts, FBLA shirts, etc. Then there are also individual type shirts like a jack t-shirt.

T-shirts are so fun to design and it's even more fun to see the end result. They bring people together all over the world. Anything someone likes, likes to do, or is a part of, can go on a shirt. Even inspirational sayings, or poems can be put on a shirt.

And lets not forget our animal friends. Photos of our pets can also be put on a shirt. They can always be with us everywhere we go. It's also great for pets that need to be adopted. People can see that cute furry face on a t-shirt and fall in love with it.

So when it's time to make a statement, think about having a t-shirt made! They are such a great idea for business and big events. There are some great deals out there and the cost is fairly inexpensive. Big orders have sales all the time. Even if you just want one special shirt for yourself, it can be done!

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