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This Year for Christmas Gifts, Let’s Be Honest About Santa Claus

08 December on Gifts   Tags: , , , ,

Xmas fashion gift

Let's be honest: the holidays can be a nightmare. This is the one time of year we are told to abandon diets and financial concerns and instead gorge on cookies while buying present after present all in the name of the sacred, jolly man in red: Santa Claus. Every parent can relate to the stress of stealthily shopping for the perfect toys and stocking stuffers that will be unwrapped by their little ones. They will never be thanked for this as their children's faces light up opening the gifts Santa made in his workshop just for them. Moms have labored over green and red sprinkled cookies eaten in secret all to perpetuate the ongoing charade of St. Nicholas. For years we worshipped Santa Claus while doing his work for him. This year, instead of celebrating jolly ole' St. Nick, let's poke some fun at him.

Rather than giving your relatives sweaters depicting a whimsical, bearded saint, give them apparel that shows a humorous, honest side of Santa instead. If you browse our Merry Christmas Gifts, you'll find images like Santa holding a six-pack of beer while declaring cookies "a thing of the past" and an unconscious Santa beside a letter from the IRS that states he neglected to declare his taxes. All of these funny, adult views of Santa can be personalized onto a variety of apparel and accessories that will make perfect Christmas gifts for any friends with a good sense of humor. Instead of giving your uncle a tin of flavored popcorn give him a mug that reads "Dear Santa: 'Define Good'". These customizable presents are guaranteed to get a laugh and lighten the stress of the holiday season.

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