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13 March on T-Shirts  

If you’ve ever been backpacking across Europe, South America, or anywhere for that matter, then you know how exciting a time that can be. Experiencing foreign cultures, using new languages, and eating different cuisine are only a part of what you most likely experienced.

Maybe the goal for your travels was to see as many countries as possible. You spent a week in one country, hopped on a train and woke up the next morning in another. You wanted to experience as many cultures, landscapes and cuisines as you could. Every time you turned around you were encountering something new. From the parades in the morning to the protests in the afternoon to the block parties in the evening, it was all about the experience

Perhaps you weren’t in a rush and you spent three months in one country. You delved into the culture and language, getting to know the people and their customs in a more intimate way. You took weekend trips to discover more of the country, but you were based in one city. After a while you felt like you knew the place, like you could stay forever.

One thing is probably true for both types of travelers, you most likely didn’t have enough room in your pack for everything you wanted to buy. Maybe it was that Flamenco guitar from Sevilla or the Moroccan rug from Fes or that Yalova T-shirt from Turkey. Whatever it was, you’ll always have the memories.

Of course it’s possible that one day, you may return to that place and purchase the passed over item…but it’s more likely, if you’re still thinking about it now, you can just as easily purchase it online.  At we might not be able to help you with the guitar or rug, but we can definitely help you with the T-shirt.

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