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The crowd cheers as water splashes. Frantic movement towards a common goal invigorates the team. The sun shines and rippling arm muscles cut through the layers of waves in the chlorine scented liquid playing field.

Welcome to the world of water polo. In this world, players work (while treading water) as a team to defeat the opposing team in garnering points. So, why would anyone want to play water polo?

Water Polo is in my blood

The real question here is: who wouldn’t want to play water polo? Let’s go back to the rippling arm muscles. Water polo builds muscle by providing players the opportunity to swim and handle the ball with one hand while fending off opposing players. And did we mention that it’s played in a pool? There’s no better place to be, especially during the summer.

Another benefit to playing water polo is the social aspects. Players can wear cool, fitted Water Polo T-Shirts to showcase the results of their hard work. The potential for making new friends is phenomenal. Because it’s a team sport, water polo also affords members the chance to form bonds in working with others towards a common goal.

This vigorous sport also fulfills the requirement of healthy living that involves exercise. If it has to be done, why not do it in the most fun way imaginable? Water polo is also good for the mental faculties. Learning the game of water polo and navigating the rules will keep the mind sharp and engaged while thinking of strategies and better ways to play.

Great for the health of the body and mind and full of social opportunities, this sport should be on everyone’s “must do” list.

Water polo, anyone?

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