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We Can’t Live Without Music or Custom Sweatshirts!

16 November on Sweatshirts   Tags: , , , , ,

Flute Sweatshirt

Who doesn't sit at home and listen to music? You walk down the street, there are a million individuals with their heads down texting, bobbing along to music blasting through their headphones, and ignoring reality one emoji at a time. With technology constantly changing (what iPhone are we up to now?), we have to find concrete things to connect our experiences to that texting can't handle. More often than not we listen to music that relates directly towards our lives and put that jam on repeat!

While Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga currently swamp our twitter feed, we secretly hold a candle to those artists that can put together our emotions without any words. Those individuals that make us cry and a sudden change of pitch, and joyous at the thought that for a moment we part of something magical.

Musicians have handled the noble art of conveying human beings emotions for centuries now. One of the most complex instruments to play is the flute and it is most often associated with light hearted melodies (when one in in a relationship) and somber, morose tales (when one isn't in a relationship) . Whether you've heard it in background music, seen a classical orchestra, played it as a renowned musician, or happened to have an incredibly talented flautist as your music teacher, chances are that you've heard the flute and it has touched your soul! Why not get flute sweatshirts to commemorate the experience?

We love flautists and their unique style of unhinging our emotions. Our custom sweatshirts exemplify the very essence of the eccentric, yet unequivocally talented instrumental musicians. Whether you are an experienced musician or an admirer, there is a custom sweatshirt for you. Just think, in less than a week or two, you could be snuggled warmly in your newly purchased flute sweatshirt, sipping tea while cascading waves of melody warms your heart. Buy your own today!

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