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What is pickleball?

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Somewhere between badminton, table tennis and traditional tennis lies Pickleball. A game with a great name, a great rule book and even better chances of becoming the next big thing.

Pickleball is traditionally played on a badminton court, however the badminton net is lowered to 34 inches in height. It consists of two to four players battling it out with a wiffle ball and a couple of composite paddles.

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When you look at the Pickleball constructs it does look like a game of giant table tennis, but it sure is fun and it is likely that the game, given a bit longer, could potentially overtake the badminton stage.T-shirts are already being made; and everyone knows once the Pickleball T-shirts are made worldwide popularity is just around the corner.

All kidding aside, the game will likely overtake badminton because it is substantially easier to play and does not require the specialty items that badminton requires. The lower net also makes it easier for youngsters to get involved and it is a great game that easily teaches the mechanics of tennis and similar games. It can also be played in several different locations. While a badminton court was originally used, a tennis court can also be utilized for the game.

The small, light paddles and the small light ball also make it a safer endevour for young children. Other games, with metal rackets and other equipment can be dangerous and diffuclt, but Pickleball utilizes much of what one already has laying around the house. The soft nature makes it preferable for kids.

While Pickleball started off as a fun family activity for a couple of inventors it is quickly becoming a sport that is enjoyed by families around the country and, eventually, around the globe.

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