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What to Wear in Alaska?

02 August on Hoodies   Tags: , , ,

That all on depends when and why you're going to visit this beautiful state. As is appropriate with all colder states, layering your clothing is important to regulate your body temperature as you move in and out of the elements.

In the middle of winter, a lightweight long-sleeve shirt covered by a hoodie and a jacket over that might suit you just fine. As a tourist, you're likely to over or under-pack, but even if you've brought plenty of things to wear you're sure to find an Alaska hoodie in any one of the shops you come across. Wanting to "fit in" and show your support of the state, you search through all the stores and all the racks to find just the right one for you and decide to buy it. But then by your second day there you see a dozen other people wearing that exact same one. Bummer!

I Love Alaska

Your desire to stand out and to be accepted really just placed you in a rubber mold and now you look like every other tourist on the block. Wouldn't it be cool to arrive at the airport already wearing something that expresses your intentions or personality? Something like, "I'm here to fish!"

Custom Hoodies can be made specifically to convey your likes and personality. A variety of sizes, styles, colors and fabrics make customizing your clothing easier than ever; zippered or pull-over, pockets or not, lightweight or heavyweight are all options that can be printed with your personal message or design on them.

Whether you're camping or cruising, enjoy your vacation and spread the word...

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