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What will you be wearing?

05 February on T-Shirts  

Today is the biggest day in sports, for gazillions of people. There are many, many reasons why so many of us will be spending our Sunday afternoon glued to a screen somewhere in the world, donning our favorite jersey. Of course, if we’re one of the lucky few, we’ll actually be at the stadium in Indianapolis.  Screaming our heads off, with pride, in a newly purchased printed t-shirt of our favorite team at the Super Bowl!

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the NY Giants or the NE Patriots, or your favorite team (SF 49rs) barely missed their chance, this is a day to come together as sports fans and relish in the competition. It’s also a fantastic excuse to eat and drink your favorite sinful treats, all day long.

Even if you could care less who actually wins the Super Bowl, or whose paid millions for the new adds (which have already been leaked on the web) or the biggest half time show of the century that’s guaranteed to be entertaining, it’s still a great day to spend time together with your friends & family.

So whether you’re watching the Super Bowl in New York or Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter, enjoy the game! From all of us at Idakoos, we wish you a fun & safe Super Bowl Sunday!

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