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What’s in a Name?

21 March on Hoodies  

Have you ever known anyone who had a really strange or interesting name? Did it make you want to get to know them or find out how they ended up with the name in the first place? Were they born with it or did they change it and why?

A name is more than what we call ourselves. It’s our identity and it can also shape the person we become. Growing up with the name Candy Apple, Tupac, or Heaven will certainly bring you more attention, good or bad, than having something a bit more ordinary. Not to say that having a normal name means your life will be any less or more, it just means that your name, initially, won’t be what garners you the attention.

Having a more traditional name doesn’t mean that it will be an easy name to live with. Let’s take the name Suzanne. Doesn’t seem overly complicated, but for some reason it’s a very difficult name for some people to get right. Maybe it’s because they don’t really listen or perhaps Susan, Susi or Susanna is somehow easier to remember. It is similar, so why not use it right? Maybe, but getting someone’s name right and remembering it, shows a level of respect and will be appreciated.

Maybe you feel like you have a boring name, and you’ve always wanted something with a little more swagger or shine to represent you.  Put it on a Hoodie. Just the name, alone, let it speak for itself. We’d be more than happy to oblige you. Get your Candy Apple, Heaven and Tupac Hoodies here at

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