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What’s your Sign?

23 April on T-Shirts  

When you gaze up at the night sky, what do you see? If you’re in a city, assuming it’s a clear night and not too smoggy, you might see the moon, and some stars. Depending on the earth’s rotation, what you see will vary of course. On a good night, you might also be able to see a planet or two, some satellites and various constellations.

It’s a whole other world when you’re away from the city lights and pollutants. When you’re in the middle of a National Park, far away from any lights, the sky is like an ocean. Living and breathing in beautiful twinkling lights. Big bright planets pop out and the constellations are so vibrant and easily identifiable. If there’s a full moon, you won’t even need a flash light or even car lights if you’re driving. The moon is like a big beautiful spot light illuminating your path.

The constellations, which make up the Zodiac, can be fun to search for amongst all the stars. Whether you follow the Zodiac or not, we were all born under a sign and at some point in our lives we’ll get asked, “What’s your sign?” It can be fun to compare signs and find out what our compatibility is with others.

If you’d like to express your sign with the world, we have Zodiac Sweatshirts to help you do just that. Just imagine all of the conversations you’ll generate without even trying. “Hi Leo, I’m a Sagittarius!” The possibilities are endless and the skies the limit.

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