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Workout or martial arts?

16 October on T-Shirts   Tags: , , ,

So there you are, sitting on your couch with your favorite snacks and drinks strewn across the table before you, sporting one of your favorite Krav Maga T-Shirts, asking the question, "Should I go workout or take martial arts?"

Love Krav Maga

Undoubtedly, you've just been barraged by numerous 30 second commercials featuring men with chiseled faces, chests and abs or drop-dead gorgeous women flaunting their highly blessed bodies while posing with various household products during the showing of your favorite TV series or movie. Either that or you've just finished watching an energy charged martial arts movie filled with explosions, outrageous stunts and inhuman combat sequences.

Whatever the case may be, the images could be leaving you there wondering, "Could I do that?" Images of the late-night infomercials for the latest P90X or workout program equivalent flood your mind, while you catch yourself standing up in Karate Kid crane stance or throwing a flurry of amateurish punches into the face of your arch enemy, The Shredder or villain equivalent, mask and all.

These are amusing thoughts, which really could compel you to grab your keys and head off to your nearest gym, sign-up for a two-year membership at a discounted rate and start your career as the next masked superhero in training -- or at the very least, the next martial arts star of the big screen, right?

Reality sets in as you walk into the door of the gym, greeted by a very well-built and slightly intimidating gym trainer and the stench of 50 to 100 sweaty human bodies moving in near synchronicity on treadmills, floor mats and very complicated-looking weight machines. Is this what you really want?

It may very well be. Having a consistent workout regime can do wonders for your health, your looks and how you feel about yourself. Learning martial arts with a group of other people can also be a highly rewarding experience of strengthening discipline, respect and a killer crane kick.

So, the question still stands. Workout or martial arts? You decide. If you say no to both, the next show, movie or commercial will be waiting for you. You can always ask the question again later.

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