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Your Louisiana Sweatshirt – The Hottest Thing in Your Closet

03 March on Sweatshirts   Tags: , ,

Louisiana Sweatshirt

Is it cold where you are? Go to Louisiana for a visit! The delicious gumbo and other local foods will take the chill off. Get your blood pumping faster with a swamp alligator tour. New Orleans music will get you off your seat and feeling the heat. Do you even remember snow or ice anymore? Louisiana hopes you don't. Louisiana is warm and friendly like that. Stay awhile and defrost.

The next best thing to being in Louisiana is snuggling up in a similarly warm sweatshirt. This is a good way to avoid hypothermia while sending a hint to loved ones where you'd like to travel next. Have you been to Louisiana and long to return? Your sweatshirt will warmly remind you of savory eats and lively streets. Don't let the chill of your current locale seep into your bones and seduce you into anything less. Show your love of the state of Louisiana by wearing this sweatshirt. It will be the Cajun or Creole spice in a sea of sweatshirts that, by comparison, are like vanilla pudding.

The Louisiana Purchase has nothing on your Louisiana sweatshirt purchase. Do you enjoy Louisiana history? Increase your chances of bringing it up during casual conversation by wearing the state name loud and proud. Spice up the tale of your alligator tour experience by telling them you swam with the alligators as if they were theme park dolphins. Challenge perfect strangers to a hot sauce eating contest. Bring the heat in this fun sweatshirt.

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